Airwalk Reissues The ONE

There are certain things about being a kid that I remember. The memories that stick out the most are the girls I had crushes on, the first time I bought an album with my own money, and also when I started to develop my own sense of style.  I’m almost 30 now, so I think it may have been around fifth or sixth grade when all those transitional moments began.

Brand New Airwalks

Brand New Airwalks

As you do when you get older, you start going back to what made you really happy when the stresses of adult life didn’t exist.  That’s why when I found out that Airwalk was reissuing my very first skate shoe ever, I got extremely excited and purchased them right away.

Finally I could wear my original skate shoe again while listening to White Zombie, Guns N’ Roses, Pearl Jam, and Tool.  The 90’s are back with a vengeance and these shoes are my crown as the king of the decade’s revival.  Incredibly, I got them just in time to go the king of 90’s festivals….Lollapalooza!

As I opened the box of fresh new Airwalks I couldn’t help but smile.  I was immediately brought back to my youth and all the things that occupied my mind. The only things I was missing was a Billabong jacket and a note to give to my crush.

Walking on Air

Walking on Air

The Fit:

When I put them on, they fit like a glove and were super comfortable. Way more comfortable than the Nike or DC skate/casual shoes i’ve been wearing. Back then I was wearing a size 7, but now in my super manly age I get to sport a 10 and it couldn’t fit any better.  That’s even because I don’t do the bow tie on the laces. I tighten the laces, make a knot and snip the rest of the lace off with scissors. It’s the cool way to wear them.

The Look:

They are exactly the same and haven’t changed a bit since I can remember.  Super simple, clean and not flashy. You could wear them with shorts or jeans easily. Maybe even throw on a Stussy shirt.

The Feel:

Suede feels so nice.


For the price (about $60) it’s a great shoe no matter if you have the same emotional attachment that I have to them or not.  They did a great job with the reissue and if they keep them around, i’ll probably buy more as I wear them out.  There are a couple of things that I wish were different however. One, they didn’t include an Airwalk sticker in the box!  When I was a kid, that sticker was a badge of honor. There is no badge this time.  Second, these shoes will get dirty really quickly.  The black dye used on the suede can rub off on the white suede and smudge on it. I just wore mine to work today for the first time and they are pretty smudged from just sitting at my desk. It seems like they should spray a protectant before they ship.

Anyway, make sure to check out and see them for yourself. I got the black and white, but they also have a blue.  Either way, i’m willing to bet you’ll dig ’em.



  1. Brandon says:

    Thank you so much for the review of the new Airwalk One shoe. I was hoping someone would review them and that they’d be just as good as the originals. I had a pair of the navy and tan ones when I was 12. They were my all time favorite shoes. I always wanted the black and white ones and it looks like now I’ll finally have a chance to own them. I’d love to see more pictures of yours sometime. They bring back a lot of good memories.

    • Orlando says:

      Thanks for reading! I think the best part of the shoes are the memories they bring. I even remember that my first pair came from a Journeys in the Corpus Christi, TX mall.

  2. Paul says:

    Got my first pair in 8th Grade at Urban Outfitters…also had the tan and navy. I still have one, but unfortunately I lost one in a drunken haze one night. I had to cut the backs out to wear them and they didn’t stay on my feet very well. I bought the blue ones and the black already famous 2 months ago and the black & white last month. Hopefully they will keep making these and in different colors. All I need is a new retro Mossimo t-shirt like I got when I bought the shoes, which I still have, but it’s too small and full of holes, lol.

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